Pre Sale Tickets

We’ve heard from a few readers wanting to find a great place to find presale tickets.

After doing some research we would defiantly recommend a website called Pre Sale Tickets. They offer presale tickets to many top concert events such as James Taylor, Chris Stapleton, and Guns N’ Roses. They also offer presale tickets to top comedians such as Gabriel Iglesias, Jeff Dunham, and Jerry Seinfeld.

A presale ticket is usually sold during the presale period. This period only lasts a short time before the onsale of an event. Generally this lasts for 3-7 days as it’s a special period when a special allotment of tickets are sold to fans. While they do carry normal tickets to many other popular events such as sports and theater, most of the fans that use Pre Sale Tickets come for the presale tickets.

The company is proud to have helped thousands of fans across the world find tickets to their favorite events. The website has an A+ BBB rating and has over 500+ glowing reviews from happy clients.

The website has recently undergone a complete revamp in a nice consumer friendly baby blue color. The desktop and mobile sites have been modernized to reflect more demanding clients looking for style and security in addition to great prices.

The highlight of the new website is the new stylish mobile website. It easily allows a customer to search and buy tickets quickly as to not waste their time. John from Pre Sale Tickets says “we’ve tried to make everything fast and easy on the new website, so people can find what they are looking for immediately.”

We personally reviewed many pages on their website and can agree with their customer reviews that the website is very easy to use. Their 100% guarantee is also very comforting. Be sure to check them out for your next presale ticket purchase.