VIP Tickets Canada

We’ve been talking a lot about tickets these last few years and a good amount of our readers come from Canada so we thought we should talk about one of the top Canadian event ticket companies.

Located in British Columbia, VIP Tickets Canada has been around since 2013 so you know they must be doing something well. Their website proudly displays an A+ BBB rating and nearly 2,000 great reviews. The company has helped over 55,000 fans reach their live events across Canada.

The company specializes in selling top concert performers such as Journey, Cher, and Ariana Grande.  The company doesn’t just focus on the Vancouver ticket market, but rather sells tickets nationally. Top Canadian cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Edmonton host a lot of events per year. Canadians need a good local choice, instead of the local US ticketing giants taking the whole pie. That’s why VIP Tickets Canada was started. The aim was to help fellow Canadians buy tickets from Canadians at reasonable fair prices, so they could enjoy their live events in Canada and the USA.

As the company has grown, they’ve put a lot of effort into the newly released desktop and mobile websites which really make them stand out from the competition.

While they still charge for tickets in USD, this actually allows them a wider array of ticket vendors and suppliers they can deal with since many of them are American. By doing this, it allows them to charge up to 15% less than many other Canadian sites selling in CAD.

What many customers don’t realize is that other Canadian ticket sites convert the amount into CAD from USD but hidden in that exchange rate is a fee that is up to 15% more to cover transfer costs and additional costs by having to run their software in CAD.

55,000 customers clearly have chosen VIP Tickets Canada as they provide a great price and value for tickets they sell.